Scale Your Team Effortlessly

Choose your pace, from a single hire to team-wide expansion, and enjoy savings as you grow with Hire Tech Talent.

Small to Medium Team

For teams that need to make 5 or less hires.

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Includes :
  • Number of Hires : Upto 5
  • Active Position : Unlimited
  • Team seats : Upto 2
  • Custom Role : Upto 2
  • Custom Pipeline : Upto 5

Large Team

For teams that need to make 5 or more hires. Make all the hires you need for a fixed fee.

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Includes :
  • Number of Hires : Upto 15
  • Active Position : Unlimited
  • Team seats : 3
  • Custom Role : 3
  • Custom Pipeline : 10

Package Features To Match Your Hiring Needs

Harness the power of automation, personalized, and seamless integration to transform your hiring process and build a top-notch tech team with ease.

Automated matching and Talent alerts
New candidates weekly
Talents recommendations
Custom challenges
Company position report
Candidate rejection report
Team member report
Dedicated customer success manager
Onboard training
Personalized employer page
Calendar integration
ATS integration
3-month guarantee, free replacement if needed.
Move unused hires to next year.
Post and search jobs without limits.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find quick solutions to your inquiries and gain a better understanding of how we can assist you.

Can I post jobs in multiple locations with the 'active positions'?

Yes, you can post jobs for different locations as long as they are within your plan's limit for active positions.

What happens if a candidate I hire doesn't work out?

We offer a satisfaction guarantee with a replacement or credit policy for hires that do not meet the contractual agreement within a specified period.

How often are new candidates added to the platform?

New candidates are added weekly, ensuring a fresh and dynamic talent pool.

Can I change plans if my hiring needs increase?

Yes, you can upgrade your plan at any time to accommodate your growing team.

Are there any hidden fees beyond the yearly price?

No, there are no hidden fees. The yearly price covers all the features listed under each plan.

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