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On Hire Tech Talent, 500+ top tech companies are actively hiring Software Developers, DevOps specialists Engineers and Engineering Leaders. Hire Data Scientists, Data Engineers and Machine Learning Engineers in Europe that match your requirements!

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    Get hired on IT Job roles such as Backend and Frontend Development, UX/UI Design, Network, Data Analytics and More.

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    Find specialists job opportunities for Business Development, Sales Manager, Customer Success Programs, Account Management, and more.

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    Grow the scope of your job application and get hired on positions like SEM, SEO, Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Branding, Influencer Marketing specialists, etc.

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    Get hired on developer-focused top tech companies on positions Product Owners, Project Manager, Program Manager, Technical Program Manager and more.

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    200+ candidates sign up each week

    We utilize modern methods and fairs to bring diverse tech talent.

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    Our team of tech talent specialists reviews and qualifies every candidate based on job-fit suitability. Every candidates is mandated to pass a phone-screening interview for skill-assessment and availability.

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    200+ are approved

    Enjoy of peace of mind of accessing verified tech talent only. We hand-pick suitable candidates and feature only those offering top-notch services with 90% response rate.

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Efficient Recruiting

You can easily connect with highly qualified tech professionals and rising talent through our simplified and effective reverse recruitment platform. Our platform provides a simple yet efficient solution for finding the ideal candidates to fill job roles in your tech company, whether you're looking for experienced employees with a proven track record or fresh talent filled with potential.

How it works?
Verified Talent

Experience the freedom choosing tech professionals with authentic background. Our manual screening and technical evaluations vet the suitable candidates with genuine skill set, so you can experience transparent and reliable hiring.

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How it works?
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Invite or connect with manually-screened, success-ready candidates.

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Save your time and money. Hire tech professionals with greater efficiency.

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We bring diverse range of tech job roles on a single platform for your ease.

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