Frequently Asked Questions

Signing up

What is Hire Tech Talent?

At hire tech talent, we make it easy for pre-screened tech talent and approved companies to find one another! We’re trying to disrupt the power dynamic of traditional recruiting with a transparent, efficient market process that puts employers and employees right where they want to be.

What type of skills do you look for on Hire Tech Talent?

That depends! Mobile and front and back end developers are in high demand right now, but we’ve also got positions in DevOps and engineering leadership in addition to data science, data engineering, and machine learning engineering. If you’ve got experience working with start-ups, that’d be great but it’s not a prerequisite. Most companies are looking for someone who’s relatively fluent in English, but there are some positions being advertised in other languages, too!

How does the Hire Tech Talent process work?

We’ve made signing up straightforward and uncomplicated. Before we open you up to potential employers, we’ll sit down to have a chat about your salary and tech-preferences and give your code a quick once-over. We roll out a different set of profiles every Monday that’ll run for about 5 weeks, during which time you’ll be visible to companies. This makes it so employers are motivated to move fast and send you interview invites. All you’ve got to do is accept, appear for an interview and decide what works for you.

What is a Talent Success Advisor?

They’re your go-to aide for any and all questions/concerns you’ve got about the Hire Tech process! They’ll walk you through it --- from sign up to closing a deal, your tech-advisor is there to make navigating Hire Tech a little easier.

Do I need to pay a fee for using Hire Tech Talent?

Hire Tech Talent is a completely free for Talents!

Creating your profile

What information is included on my profile?

In addition to the basics, you’re expected to add your salary expectations, preferred location, the sort of contract you’re seeking and what, ideally, you’d like to do. There’s room for a personal summary and a portfolio, too! Reach out to your tech-advisor if you’ve got questions.

I am currently employed and must give notice before leaving, can I include this information in my profile?

You’re expected to include your earliest start-by date in your profile.

I am currently employed and don’t want my company to see me, can I hide my profile?

Based on the detail provided by you, your profile will not be visible to companies you don't wish to be visible for them and you also have blocked through the privacy tab.

I am currently a student but will soon graduate. When should I create a profile?

You can sign up to Hire Tech Talent the moment you’re ready to enter the job market! The Hire Tech process is optimized to be as quick as possible, so you’ll want to be sure you’ve got everything in order before you sign up. While we traditionally cater to experienced developers, fresh graduates can sign up to Hire Tech, too, so long as they complete our coding challenge!

What should I include in my personal summary? Can I just skip it?

We’d strongly advise against cutting your personal summary! Contrary to popular belief, companies do read them. A solid personal summary will be between 50 and 200 words and answer three important questions: who are you, what you want from your next role, and what makes you well-suited to it!

What types of skills should I include in the skills section?

Put yourself in an employer’s shoes: include, relevant, high-value skills tailored to the position you want. Include programming languages, frameworks and the important tools you’ve learnt to use! This isn’t the place for “soft-skills”, which should go in your About Me.

How do I determine my ideal salary?

Although it defers in each scenario, still there are some factors that work. When it comes to determining salary range, career experience, and job title will be the driving factors. But there are other influences that impact the salary range offered or expected, like, The cost of living: The cost of labor: The size and stage of the company, etc.

Can I select multiple locations for my ideal position?

There’s no hard limit to how many locations you might choose to apply to! Note that it’s important you don’t choose a location unless you’re 100% about re-locating there. If you want to work remotely, that needs to be made clear on your profile though we don’t currently have companies looking for that sort of talent.

I don’t currently live in any of the locations listed. Can I still join Hire Tech Talent?

Yes, you’re welcome to join Hire Tech Talent regardless of where you’re currently situated. If you’re up to relocating, then choose the cities that interest you. If you’d rather not, then select ‘other’ as your ideal position. Hire Tech is continuously expanding, and we’ll keep you updated on where we’re going next!

I want to apply for a position in Berlin but I don’t speak German. Is this a problem?

No German, No problem! Most companies are looking to hire English-speaking talent.

Do companies help with relocation costs?

That’s entirely dependent on the company! Employers will frequently proffer relocation bonuses, but it’s unlikely they’ll be able to help you find accommodation. We recommend you discuss these points directly with the company once you accept the interview invite.

Getting Approved to Hire Tech Talent

I have completed my profile for Hire Tech Talent, what's next?

Once your profile is complete, send it off for review! Your Talent Success Advisor screens your profile to ensure there’s room for your skill-set on the platform and employers looking to hire you. They will email you to let you know when you have been accepted.

How long does it take to have my profile reviewed on Hire Tech Talent?

A review usually takes 1-2 working days, but can occasionally take longer. Make sure your profile’s details are complete before you submit so as to avoid unnecessary delays.

What do you look for when reviewing profiles for Hire Tech Talent?

In order for your profile to be accepted, it’s got to be complete and showcase an appropriate level of demonstrable experience in your given field. If you haven’t got enough experience, you can still sign up so long as you complete a coding challenge!

My profile was approved on Hire Tech Talent but it looks different now. What happened?

Your talent-success advisor may make some cosmetic changes to your profile in order to maximize your chances of success! Don’t worry: we can move things around till you’re happy with the outcome.

My profile was not accepted to Hire Tech Talent, can I resubmit?

If the unlikely even your profile isn’t accepted, we’ll shoot you an email to explain why and answer any questions you’ve got.

Receiving interview invites

When do I become visible to companies on Hire Tech Talent?

We roll new talent out in batches! This allows companies to track and organize to whom they have sent interview invites. Once we’ve accepted your profile, we’ll shoot you an email with the next batch. Your profile will automatically be included and from that point, you are visible to companies. If you’re not yet ready for your profile to be shown to employers, let your advisor know A.S.A.P.

How do I contact my Talent Success Advisor on Hire Tech Talent?

Your talent success advisor will email you the minute your profile is completed! You can use that same email when you need to get in touch.

How do companies find my profile on Hire Tech Talent?

We’ve made it easy for companies to find candidates using our straightforward criteria selection. Companies can filter for specific criteria, such as skillset, location, work authorization, and contract type.

What is an interview invite?

An interview invite is just that! It indicates that a company thinks you might be a good fit for the position you’re advertising and would be interested in speaking to you about it. Invites are not binding, and you can accept many or as few as you’d like.

What information is included in an interview invite?

Think of interview invites as being clearer job postings! They’re there to tell you about a position: like role descriptions and skill specifications, but also the salary and other benefits and a personalized message from the CEO, CTO, or hiring manager, depending on the size of the company. If you’re interested in learning more about a company, just head on over to their profile!

What is a company profile?

A company profile provides a thorough, transparent overview of the company’s work culture and hiring procedure, in addition to information about the development team, products, tech stack, hiring procedure, as well as a timeline of major developments and in the case of larger companies, a direct message from the CTO, CEO or HR manager! Company profiles are a great resource when comparing positions and offers.

Can I accept more than one interview invite?

You can accept as many or as few interviews as you’d like, but be sure to plan accordingly!

Is it possible to do interviews remotely?

Remote interviews are common! You can talk to your interviewer for remote interview and sit down to a chat over whatever platform you’d like.

What should I prepare for the interview?

Like you’d prepare for any other interview! Go over the role with a fine-tooth comb and ensure you’ve understood exactly what the company’s looking for. Knowing where you want your career to go and whether this position is conducive to helping you get there is a plus, too.

If I accept an interview invite, will I still be eligible to receive invites from other companies?

Yes, you will be eligible to receive interview invites from multiple companies until a paper offer for a job role is signed.

My profile has been visible to companies on Hire Tech Talent for some time, why haven’t I received any interview invites?

We suggest reaching out to your talent success advisor if you haven’t been getting any interview invites.

Can I decline interview invites on Hire Tech Talent?

Yes, you can absolutely decline interview invites if they aren’t in line with what you’re looking for! Be sure to specify why exactly you weren’t interested.

How do I block a company from sending me interview invites on Hire Tech Talent?

Once you’ve declined an invite, you can also decide to block the company from sending you anymore. Just access the privacy tab in your account settings and add said company to your list of blocked companies.

I declined an interview invite but have now changed my mind. Can I get back in contact with the company?

Please ensure you thoroughly evaluate an interview invite before choosing to decline it. If the role for which you declined to interview hasn’t been filled, your Talent Advisor will help you get in touch with the company.


How can I be visible to companies again?

Visibility is as easy as hitting the visibility button on your profile! Expect your talent advisor to get in touch with some tips and tricks before you’re live again.

What industries/types of companies are present on your platform? (industries and companies’ size)

We work with over 500+ European companies across a range of sectors industries, like eCommerce, Marketing, Service, FinTech, Travel, Apps, Software, Health.

I accepted an interview invite from a company but they did not contact me back. What can I do?

Have you checked your spam folder? If the recruitment email hasn’t ended up there, get in touch with a recruiter via our 24/7 Hire Tech Talent chat! Otherwise, reach out to your talent success advisor ASAP.

Joining Hire Tech Talent

What is Hire Tech Talent?

Hire Tech Talent is an invite-only talent-focused job platform, linking screened tech talent with approved companies. Tech talent are vetted for skills and experience and only upon meeting certain standards are eligible to join. The entry criteria on both sides creates a transparent and efficient marketplace, open only to those pre-approved, which cuts sourcing time, allowing talent and companies to focus on finding the right fit.

How does the Hire Tech Talent process work?

After your company is approved to join Hire Tech Talent, we create a company profile for you based on the information you submit. Once the company profile is finalized you can immediately start searching for talent using specific parameters and keywords. To contact talent directly for a job role you send an interview invite, which they can accept or reject. As soon as candidates accept an interview invite, the recruitment process proceeds as per your company’s internal procedures.

Who should sign up for Hire Tech Talent?

Any company with tech needs to fulfill can sign up to Hire Tech Talent. We require that companies on Hire Tech Talent are transparent in job offers. HR managers tend to lead the process though we also strongly encourage involvement from the tech team, in particular the lead developer or the CTO, in screening candidates.

In which cities is Hire Tech Talent active?

We are currently active in Germany, the Netherlands and Austria, namely in Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Cologne, Stuttgart, Munich, Amsterdam, Rotterdam-The Hague, Eindhoven and Vienna. With plans to expand to other major European cities in the future!

From where does Hire Tech Talent source talent?

Hire Tech Talent is an invite-only platform. Talent comes through direct-invite, referral and community events. Direct-invite talent is sourced by our talent acquisition team. We have a strong pipeline of referrals through talents which have been successfully placed. And finally, we focus on building strong local networks which inspire talents to proactively request invite to the platform.

How is talent screened on Hire Tech Talent?

Talent submit a profile which is screened by our Talent Success Advisors. We do a first assessment of their background and experience and check their coding skills. No engineer gets accepted without some code being reviewed by us. This can be from projects which they have worked on or through an internal code challenge. The code challenge allows us to evaluate candidates who don’t have demonstrable experience. If talent do not have sufficient experience or skill with code they are not accepted onto the platform.

What is the cost of using Hire Tech Talent?

For pricing get in touch

Why Hire Tech Talent?

We match companies with pre-screened tech talents who are actively looking for new employment. Every week you have access to hundreds of new candidates on our platform. Our mission is to get developers great jobs and our success depends on the success of the users. This is why in addition to this service, we support the developer community with events, content through our .cult media platform, and even care packages. ;) Hire Tech Talent´s Reverse Recruiting and batching system guarantee a high response rate, good matchmaking, and a shorter time to hire, even for companies that are new to tech recruiting. We like to think of ourselves as Europe’s leading developer-focused job platform, so why not just give us a try?

Tech Talents on Hire Tech Talent

Where do the talents on Hire Tech Talent come from?

Talents on Hire Tech Talent come from all over the world. On average more than 50% of candidates are from from the EU with 20-25% German speaking talents and approximately 10% Dutch speaking talents.

How many talents are there on Hire Tech Talent?

Instead of using a classic database we work with a smart batch style system which makes candidates live for a fixed amount of time, during which they are actively looking for a new position and are highly responsive towards interview invites. Currently we batch over 140+ new candidates every week for a total of +400 candidate. Be sure to check Monday morning for new talents.

Is Hire Tech Talent open for freelance, part-time, full-time talents?

Currently, we don't support freelance or contract positions. If your job circumstances change and you are open to permanent roles, then we'd be more than happy to have you on board!

Does Hire Tech Talent have local or international talents?

We are very open to international tech talents and proud to have placed a considerable number of international tech talents in Germany, Netherlands and Austria. Nevertheless, we always have at least 50% or more European talents active on the platform and at least 20% German speaking and 10% Dutch speaking candidates.

Which languages do Hire Tech Talent developers speak?

Hire Tech Talent tech talents speak all sorts of languages depending on their background, but all candidates are screened for their English language skills.

How many German and Dutch speaking talents are there?

Since Germany and the Netherlands are our key markets, we aim to have as many local candidates as possible. Currently we aim to have at least 20% German speaking talents and 10% Dutch speaking talents. Companies with local language requirements can apply the language filter when searching to find the right candidates.

Does Hire Tech Talent provide free visa support for international talents?

Yes! Hire Tech Talent was the first platform to offer free visa support for international talents. We want our clients to have access to the best global talent and hence takes care of the whole visa process!

Does Hire Tech Talent create the developer headline and who fills in the developers’ profiles?

The profiles are filled in by the developers themselves but our Talent Success Advisors help them along the way and provides tips and suggestions for the headlines.

Searching for Tech Talents

I am not exactly sure which type of tech skills are best suited for our company. Can you offer any advice?

Your Customer Success Manager is experienced in tech recruiting and has a firm understanding of the different programming languages and frameworks. They are happy to help with any questions.
Inviting, Interviewing & Hiring Tech Talents

What is an interview invite?

An interview invite is a personalized request to tech talents to interview for a specific role. Tech talent can accept or reject your interview invite and you can send out multiple invites for the same role.

What is included in an interview invite?

Interview invites combine elements of a traditional job posting, such as a concise job description and skill requirements, with some extra elements to encourage greater transparency, such as salary and a personalized message from you to the talent.

I have multiple positions to fill, can we send multiple interview invites?

Yes you can send multiple invites for multiple positions. But you can only send a maximum of one invite to any given candidate.

What should I do if my interview invites are declined?

It is normal for some invites to be declined. All declined invites include a reason. In some cases you can re-submit the interview invite, altering some aspects, such as salary. In the unlikely case that all your interview invites are declined we recommend you contact your Customer Success Manager.

How is the interview process organized on Hire Tech Talent?

The interview process is organized between your company and the talent directly and can follow your usual internal procedures.

Do all tech talents get hired in the batch?

Within 5 weeks, tech talents either get a job offer with Hire Tech Talent, or through their own channels. In some cases we allow developers to participate in another batch in the future (rebatch)

Can I reach out to talents not indicated where my office is at?

If you have a great opportunity for a tech talent who didn’t indicate the city your office is in, you can still send them an Invite. Please be aware though that the chance of acceptance is low as this might be a hard requirement for the talent.

What happens when a talent accepts my offer?

After a talent accepts your offer, please get in touch with your Customer Success Manager who will then direct you to our billing department and if necessary start the Visa process.

What happens if a hired developer doesn’t live up to the expectations?

If you happen to split with one of our talents we offer a refund policy to reduce your risk entirely. This policy refunds 100% if the contract was terminated within 3 months of the starting date (exceptions to this policy are structural changes, such as downsizing)

How long does my company have to pay?

Please check the terms of your contract.

Still have a questions?

If you cannot find answer to your question in our FAQs, you can always contact us.
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