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Our Story

Founded in 2021 with a clear purpose, Hire Tech Talent became the go-to reverse recruitment platform for tech job opportunities. We disrupted the traditional job-hunting paradigm, making it simpler for tech professionals to discover their perfect role. Our primary focus rests on positions like- Software Developers, Project and Product Management, Cybersecurity, Data Analysis, and Engineering, DevOps Engineers, Network and System Administration, and many more, we cater to a diverse array of tech roles.

Today, we take pride in our established position as the leading tech-focused job platform, serving the tech industry globally.

Hire Tech Talent

Where Companies Find You

At Hire Tech Talent, we've introduced a fresh approach to tech job hunting. Instead of talents searching for companies, we believe companies should seek out talents.

We present pre-screened and well-defined profiles to companies, ensuring that only the most suitable opportunities can be filtered out. This shifts the dynamic, requiring companies to put in the effort to attract the right talent, enhancing the recruitment process.

Our steadfast commitment to exceptional opportunities is shaping the future of tech recruitment, empowering talents to make choices that align with their career goals.

Our Missiion
  • 2020
    The foundational idea of Hire Tech Talent was conceptualized. A vision to revolutionize the tech recruitment process began to take shape.
  • 2021
    We worked hard to build the application. After finishing it, we launched the talent version. This marked our first big step in changing tech recruitment. We also held 12 online events, starting a new era in tech hiring.
  • 2022
    Our engagement grew. With 6 virtual and 6 onsite events, our commitment to connecting talent and opportunities intensified.
  • 2023
    A remarkable year. Over 50,000 job seekers now call Hire Tech Talent their platform of choice.
  • 2024
    What's Next for UsWe're dreaming big. Our target? Engage with 100,000 tech professionals by year's end.
Our Mission

Our Mission

At Hire Tech Talent, we revolutionize the tech industry by putting the power back into the hands of tech professionals. We strive to simplify and enrich the job search experience, enabling tech enthusiasts to effortlessly discover and choose the opportunities that align with their aspirations and expertise.

Our Missiion
Our Vision
Our vision

Our vision

With a vision to create a world where finding the perfect tech match is seamless, we envision a future where tech professionals are not just job seekers but decision-makers. Hire Tech Talent will bring a change in the recruitment process by giving companies a chance to actively compete and attract the best talent. This will be one of the top spaces where innovation thrives in the tech industry due to the perfect match between talent and opportunities.

Hire Tech Talent aspires to be the catalyst for this change, setting new standards in tech recruitment and career development.

Our Team

  • Ashok Dudhat

    Ashok Dudhat

    Founder & CEO
  • Bindu Kalwadia

    Bindu Kalwadia

    Head of Growth & Business
  • Sargam Tiwari

    Sargam Tiwari

    Head of Marketing
  • Krinay Dhanani

    Krinay Dhanani

    Product Manager
  • Prachi Surati

    Prachi Surati

    Laravel Developer
  • Dhaval Savaliya

    Dhaval Savaliya

    Laravel Developer
  • Sina Landorff

    Sina Landorff

    Business Manager & Strategic Partner
  • Rita Guerreiro

    Rita Guerreiro

    Business Manager & Strategic Partner
  • Priya Debbarma

    Priya Debbarma

    Customer Success Manager
  • Aman Afsar Khan

    Aman Afsar Khan

    Talent Advocate
  • Ravi Kumar

    Ravi Kumar

    Talent Advocate
  • Swapnil Bendale

    Swapnil Bandele

    Digital Marketing Manager
  • Unnati Umare

    Unnati Umare

    Sr. Content Writer
  • Kirthana Sreedhar

    Kirthana Sreedhar

    Sr. Content Writer
  • Jonsi Kakadiya

    Jonsi Kakadiya

    Social Media Executive
  • Harsh Dhanani

    Harsh Dhanani

    Graphic & Web Designer
  • Devendra Shiyal

    Devendra Shiyal

    Graphic & Web Designer
  • Vrunda Savaliya

    Vrunda Savaliya

    Graphic Designer